my un-sparkly self.

this is my "I do not own anything sparkly" and "I dislike new years eve" outfit. really though, I have realized that I do not own one top that has sequins on it. why this came as a surprise to me a few hours before I had to be somewhere one the 31st, I honestly do not know. and, yes, new years eve is my least favorite holiday. I just think people hype it up way to much and have such high expectations, when in reality, it is just another night. aside from my unnecessary negative self, I did have quite a fun night with fun people. this is what I wore to ring in the new year...

[top: local shop// necklace: Jcrew (borrowed)// skirt: loft// tights: ae // shoes: oldnavy]
I was partying even before I left the house. (ha... jokes.)

my hair is getting too long. long care don't care? no, I really do care.

this is my "I know I am not a model, but I am trying to be" face. whoops.

favorite photo from the night taken as the ball was dropping.

but hey, my somewhat-sparkly tights make up for the black on black outfit, right?! anyways, happy new year, friends.


  1. you look wonderful sweety!
    happy sunday!


  2. Gorgeous outfit! You have such a lovely blog!


  3. Hiiii!! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award!! Click on my link to answer the questions :)



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