our mediocre microcosm.

in today's culture (uh oh, here comes one of those posts), we are expected to do most things without passion, intensity or even interest. we can get by without truly being fully invested in a project, in a person, or in a hope. it is average to half-way do things. and our average (and sometimes below-average) society is what we need to be fighting against. 

being normal, being average, being derivative is what most people strive for when "finding their way". however, the question that strikes my mind is "why?". why must we be constantly striving for mediocre when we can be magnificent? 

we are called to do more and be more than we can ever imagine. to think of the large, outlandish goals i obtain is difficult for me to understand most days. then to think of the plans (that are far greater than mine) that my creator has for me leaves me speechless and quite excited. let us strive for more. more joy, more peace, more hope, and more desire and dedication to live our lives passionately in authentic things. 

(okay back to doing things with intensity. whoop, whoop.)
something that i have learned that is accepted by humanity is so more than it used to (yeah, my 16 years on this earth. but still.) is weak hearts and minds. "oh, johnny hurt you? sure you can wallow in pity and do nothing with your life. i mean, it is his fault. " "oh you do not want to be kind to sally, then you do not have to be! after all, she deserves it." (johnny and sally are my go-to example-people names. classic right?) though most people would not come out and say straight-forward comments such as these, a lot of times this is the spirit of their words. caution, ladies and gents, our world is being more fragile and weaker than ever. we need people who are tough (still with a kind heart). we need people who are confident (still with a humble soul). we need people who are brave (still with a wise mind). 

this world is changing. and we are the one's who are changing it. quite fearful that these words will turn into the  cliche and overwhelming "change the world" speech, however,  i truly hope with all of my heart that someday our culture with be filled with tough, confident and brave people. people who are passionate and uncommon. let us try each moment to be this person, in hope that by our actions and words we (through Christ) will effect another. 


  1. Loved reading your thoughts, I'm definitely in agreement. Made me think differently about things too, which is always a good sign!

  2. wonderful photos and great words!
    wish you a happy weekend!


  3. What a great post! I totally agree with everything you said! I just followed you. You have a great blog!!



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