a spur of color.

[ polaroids and peace signs. ]
[ coolest of chairs at the 21 c museum + hotel. ]
[ another from 21c museum + hotel. ]
[ at the contemporary art exhibit at crystal bridges museum of american art. ]
[ my new sneaks-- find them here. ]
[ from last autumn. my friend, alex, took this. ]
[ i was in a lovey-dovey it's almost valentines day mood when i took this. ]
[ a february full of florals. ]

 if i am being honest, it is quite hard for me not to put a black and white filter on every photo i take. however, as i looked through old and new photos today, i found that my current favorites are ones full of color & life.

"i have found i could say things with colour and shapes that i couldn't say any other way- things i had no words for." georgia o'keeffe. 

yours truly,


  1. You're so cute.
    And i get it. i love black and white. but color is my favorite.



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