snow day style.

we got a little bit of snow these past few days in my neck of the woods. and by "neck of the woods" i mean the entire US, and by "little bit of snow" i mean our 2 hours road trip this past weekend turned into 5 hours. ah, snow, you're a dream and a nightmare all in one. you see, first i go all Lorelei Gilmore on the first snow of the year-- you know, the jumping up and down, the happy tears, and the waking everyone up in the house kind of person. well, i may not be that intense, but i like to think that i am. although, i am not going to deceive you into thinking i am the girl who immediately grabs her sled and braves the elements. oh  no, i am the girl who eagerly fixes three cups of tea so that she will not have to get out of bed and interrupt her Carrie Diaries marathon. we all express our excitement in different ways, and mine just happens to involve an excess amount of pillows and chai tea. or is that just called hibernation?

nonetheless, this snow day style is what i would wear if i did  brave the elements. i do not sacrifice a good outfit for the sake of warmth or comfort any day. though, let's be honest: i am pretty comfortable. and cute. hey, it's a win-win situation here, friends. 

wherever you are, i hope the snow finds you well. i give you permission to wake me up in a dead sleep if you see a single snowflake any day.

yours truly,

[outfit details:]
beanie: urban
sweater: urban
poncho: urban
jeans: american eagle
socks: j.crew
shoes: target 

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