inspired style 2

hi there! this outfit reminds me of everything good about summer. it reminds me of those walks in the park, rainy afternoons (because i love the rain!), and shopping days with your best friends. this collection of items i created is called sweet love. this is another outfit that i am inspired by for my spring/summer style. it would be something that you could wear during the day but also dress it up for night. i am loving this selection of clothing...

sweet love

the outfit consisted of:
a. a adorable peach colored romper
b. leather gladiators (my favorite summer shoes!)
c. this beautiful navy bag
d. gold feather bracelet
e. light pink heart earrings
f. fedora (have to add a hat, right?!)

again, this outfit was created on Polyvore. i am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with this website. it is taking over my Pinterest time... which is saying a lot!

xoxo, cate

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