Inspired style (Polyvore)

spring ready! that is what i call this little outfit. i created this a while ago on Polyvore. Polyvore is basically a website that you can create collages of fashion, interior design, or art. i mostly focus on the fashion side(:. just create an account on Polyvore.com and start posting! but first, follow me (my name is catemarg)! i created this outfit on there and absolutly love it. it's my inspiration for my spring wardrobe this year. its simple, yet fashionable, while still having a bit of edge to it.
spring ready!

this outfit consists of...
a.floral shorts (a must for this spring!!)
b. a knit mint green tee
c. leather lace ups...i am dying over these bad boys(;
d. leather bracelet
e. owl necklace
f. a navy bow belt (to add a bit of pretty to this outfit.)

i will be doing a few more of these "inspired style" posts from Polyvore to give you a taste of my insight of my style for this spring that i hope to recreate for myself. hope you are as inspired as i am, and remember to follow me Polyvore!

<3 cate

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