a few photos to share!

about a week ago i was with my friend, rachel, who has a youtube channel (i will put info at end!). her channel is all about makeup and fashion, and she want to do a "fashion resume" about me. so it's basically what i call a outfit of the day. therefore, i wanted to show you a few of the pictures she took with you!

i am wearing a light pink, flowy blouse from Ann Taylor Loft, high waisted navy corduroy shorts with a leather belt, and canvas lace ups from Forever 21. what's an outfit without some glamour? umm... not one. so i added a sparkle bracelet!

those were just a few of my favorite photos that rachel took of me... so i hope you enjoyed and have a lovely day!

oh! don't forget to subscribe to rachel's youtube channel, beautymarked106, i know she would love that!


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