my favorite spring shoes...

okay, here where i live spring has sprung! it has been extremely hot the past few weeks... and you know what that means! it's time to break out the summer/spring shoes! as much as i love boots, springy shoes are a close favorite! sandals, flats, oxfords, etc.... there are so many options! so here are a few of my favorite spring shoes that i already own that i fancy(;

these are my gladiator sandals. i got them around last spring, and absolutely LOVE them! they are so simple, yet cute. plus they go with everything... and i mean everything!

my toms(: i love these so much because they are one of a kind, made by me! last october for my birthday i asked for plain canvas toms and sharpies so i could draw on them. they have everything i love on them (new york, cheer, bows, flowers, music, cupcakes, rain, etc.), and i am so happy with how they turned out!

first off... foot pictures are awkward, they just are. so my feet look extremely pale and odd shaped in this picture, but it makes the shoes look good (and that's what counts, right?!). anyways, these are my flats. they are gray metallic with kinda a studded flower type design. they add a bit of glamour to every outfit, and they are so comfy!

oxfords. oh oxfords. i wanted these for forever! i originally wanted brown ones, but then i decided i have too many brown shoes. however, now, i'm am so glad i got gray ones, because they are so cute and make an outfit have a little more of a vintage look.  

so there you go! these are my favorite shoes (that i already own) that i love and will definitely be wearing for spring and summer! however, i'm constantly looking for new shoes! have a lovely day! ~cate

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