a profile.

you know those photos that just describe you? I feel like this photo is one of those. from the raised eye brow to the half-smirk (but a kind one at that) and a simple profile, this image would be one that shouts (or sarcastically jokes, in my case) the word, cate. I feel like we all have photos like this. they tell a story, a personality, a lifetime.
sorry to get so deep on you guys on these last few posts, but sometimes one listens to tswizzle a little too much and it explodes on his or her blog. I do not know who this "one" is, but they sound pretty awesome if you ask me.
xo. cate
(p.s. I was going to post a photo of a cookie to describe myself, but since i did not have milk to go with the photo or an artsy backdrop, it wouldn't of done myself justice. and we wouldn't want that, would we?)

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  1. Just found your blog through Victoria's :) Love it!

    I really like Parks and Rec too! It's so funny. I never thought of having a treat yo self day myself, that could be dangerous haha!

    New follower :)


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