treat yo self day.

my current favorite television show is Parks and Recreation. maybe because of it's wit and sarcasm, maybe because of my love and desire to be certain characters (coughroncough), or maybe because I have nothing else to do rather than sit at my computer and watch hours upon hours of a silly tv show. whichever way, this show is great.
one of the best episodes (season 4, episode 4 "Pawnee Rangers") partially focuses on a day called "treat yo self" day. basically this day evolves treating yourself (ahem, YO SELF) to whatever you want, whether that be a spa, a shopping spree or any other form of pleasure. Tom and Donna buy things that may be too expensive or useless, but they buy them because, well, it's treat yo self day. and its the best day of the yearrrrr. *insert tom's singing voice here*
so my friends, parker and sara, and I decided to have ourselves a little treat yo self day. I have been racking up on babysitting jobs lately, so it seemed fitting. here is a peak into what we wore for our special day...

I would be lying if I said this was the first (or second.. or third) time I have wore this outfit this week. however, this combo consists of my current favorite pieces in my woredrobe. oh, and I did wear some funky ankle boots with it earlier in the day... but... uh... my feet got tired and I downgraded to these old friends.
top: ae
necklace: pacsun
shorts: target
bag: urban outfitters
shoes: ae

parker went with a simple dress but made it more casual with some sneakers (courtesy of the best person ever.... your welcome, parker). I am totally in to pairing knit dresses with converse lately.
dress: jcrew
earrings: local boutique
shoes: converse (mine)
sunglases: rayband wayfayers

sara's style (if you cannot already tell) is super preppy, and it fits her personally perfectly. with classic basics and fun accessories her look is spot on.
top: ralph lauren
skirt: lilly pulitzer
shoes: jack rogers
earrings: kate spade
necklace: jcrew
sunglasses: rayband wayfayers
the thing I love most about my friends pictured above is that we all have our own style and stick to it. we do not try to conform to what is trendy now, or what everyone else it wearing. we are our own people and all of us love to express it through our wardrobe. while my style is more edgy & carefree, parkers is simple & casual, and saras and preppy & classic, we show who we are through our clothes... not to impress others, but to show the world just a small part of our big personality.
and if you were wondering, treat yo self day was a complete success. we hit up every mall in our city and treated ourselves to a few things we would not normally buy. it is so fun to spend a little extra money on things that make you happy (aka my new anthropologie candle that was way too expensive).
xo. cate
(p.s. everyone should watch parks and rec. best show ever. literally.) 

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  1. This post makes me incredibly happy.
    Parks and Recreation is my favorite show.
    I've always wanted to do a treat to' self day!
    Glad it was a success.


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