automn wishlist

automn wishlist by catemarg featuring a flower headband

since the seasons are changing, yet in my neck of the woods the temperature does not, I need clothes that look fall-ish but feel summer-y. and no,  I will never grow out of putting a 'y' or 'ish' at the end of words. I don't care. I love it.

for some odd reason I have been really in to tropical pieces and neon colors lately. which, if you know me, by the fact that I just said that I like neon colors you probably think that this is some impostor or something. OH NO, I am still here, friends. I am still here. anyways, I think all of these pieces translate well from summer to autumn but adding a warm & vintage-esque feel to my normal wardrobe. whoa, maybe I could just add 'esque' at the end of words now to make me sound more mature-esque and proper-esque. yep, that is going to stick.

xo. cate


  1. I have this watch aaaw and I love it, it's so cute :)

    I'd like to invite you to my Firmoo giveaway, you can win lovely glasses/sunglasses:


  2. Wow, the watch is so lovely and I love
    the pineapple t-shirt, it's perfect to take
    a bit of summer into the fall. ;)


  3. Love the shoes and the shorts! ^-^ Ehi, we have the same name! My friends often call me Cate!



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