(ha! flashback to a year ago. oh how times have changed.)

yes, you.
i am starting a new series on the blog soon that focuses on your style (yes, yours). how great if that? YOU get to read about YOU. this series is open to any of my readers (you do not have to be a blogger, just someone who loves your style and wants to show it off). all you have to do is email me (catemarg@gmail.com) or comment your email on this post, say that you are interested,  and we can start from there. simple as that! then, I will have you answer a few fun questions and send me a few pictures of you sporting your favorite outfit. it will be quick, easy, painless, and pretty fun.
 I am starting this series because on this blog I mainly focus on just my style, and, well, I want to see yours. also, I know my readers would love to not see a picture of me every time they click my blog (nah, you always love to see my beautiful face). I want to show you guys a wide range of styles since my personal one may not inspire you. and you know what, that is perfectly okay. I am so glad that there are not millions of cate's in this world. because then everyone would wear black and white and watch Netflix all day. that would not be good.
but, this series cannot happen if you do not email me. so please (PLEASE!) email me. I am begging to hear about you and your style. (:
xo. cate

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  1. Ohh this sounds so fun! I think I want to do it! Here's my email... darkyetlovely39@gmail.com


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