new happy things.

a few new (extra) happy purchases I have made this week...
my new purse. from target. yet, does not look like a $20 purse from target. and THAT is why I love target. ya get me?

my too expensive anthropologie candle I mentioned in my treat yo self day post that smells heavenly. it is currently burning as I type. life is good.

after a much needed eye check up, I had to get a pair of glasses. even though I look 10 times nerd-er than normal, I think that they are adorable. plus, they are kate spade so I couldn't resist.
I love things that make me happy. and these do just that.
xo. cate

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  1. Lovely things! It's pretty much impossible to leave target without something adorable. ;)

    P.S. I emailed you! (My email is Victoria.horea96@gmail.com)


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