in my room: desk

this is the third part of my 'in my room' series, which would be my desk! you can see my bed here and my bookcase + map wall here.

my desk is probably my favorite and therefore most-used part of my room. it is where I do my school work, paint, write, blog, and think. this little white desk is my "happy spot" if you will-- as I look out my window, I am inspired most.

I love the light that floods in during the day. natural is better than an old light bulb, huh?

my little set up of pens, pencils, and anything else a girl could need. 

a jar I keep on my desk and put extra change in for someone else. who that may be, I do not know yet. (:

how cute is this owl night light? just press it and it lights up! ha, the things that make me happy.
oh, and I spy the (secret) book I made here. check it out.

my sewing machine that I excitably wrote about here and a cool geometric basket from my grandmother.  

a super cool art magazine and a notebook. no one can have too many notebooks hanging around, that is for sure!

quite honestly, I have been wanting to paint my desk for a year now. like, I have the paint and everything but I just have not had the time to do so (aka I am lazy). but, I decided to take the photos the way it is now anyway because nothing is ever finished and everything is constantly changing.  my desk, my room, and well, my life. and I am perfectly okay with that. (:
xo. cate


  1. These are such lovely impressions of your room! I love the jar! :)

    XX, Sara.


  2. It's so cute! I love that you have a sewing machine, not many young girls today like to sew. Have you blogged any of your sewing projects on here??

    Very cute desk, though! And I have that red Target notebook too :)

  3. Really nice desk! I like how neat it is and your sewing machine :)

  4. Aw really nice photos, this looks like such a cute place to be productive! :)


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