dang ear buds.

i would not call my self a air-head or dumb blond, but man, what i just did, man, i am s-t-u-p-i-d.
(note: i realized you are not a man.) 
well, for about 15 minutes i was trying to play a video on my computer, and for some reason the sound wasn't working.
after about 5 minutes of turning up the volume, even though it was already up to the maximum, i had a mini pull-out-my-hair-frustrated-cate minute.
then, i pulled myself together, and did something else not involving my so called "stupid, deaf computer". sadly, yes, that is what came out of my mouth.
once i went back to my computer to listen to a song (to calm me down), i looked down and realized my computer had my ear buds plugged in, therefore causing no sound to register to my ears.
i had a moment of silence to let my stupidity sink in.
"wow" and "the crap?" were the only words to slip my mouth.
oh, cate, today is just not your day. does anyone else have moments like this? anyone?
xo. cate

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