my makeup routine

my makeup routine

though this blog is mainly focused on fashion related things, i thought it would be fun to shake it up a bit and show you guys my basic everyday makeup routine. i like to keep things fresh and simple, so a quick 10 or 15 minute routine is all i can handle.

 1) i start off with a foundation or bb cream. i use bb cream (from clinque) in the summer because it is lighter and has SPF. 2) then i add under eye concealer, blemish concealer (because 'pimple coverup', just doesn't sound as pretty), and prime my eyes! 3) for my eye makeup, i keep it very natural, so by using a few colors of the naked pallet (by urban decay), it provides a clean and pretty eye. 4) i now swipe on a so so so thin line of brown eyeliner. 4b) how i forgot to put mascara on my routine list, i do not know. anyways, as for mascara, i normally add 2 coats of a drugstore black mascara.  5) powder time! this is my number one makeup necessity, so i always have a light dusting of a translucent power on. 6) my blush varies per season, but as of now i am into peachy or coral colors. 7) last by not least, i either dab on a little of clinque's almost lipstick or just some chapstick.

xo. cate

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