hey hey hey (+ some beach photos)

hey hey hey you guys. wow, i guess i am channeling my inner 6th grade self that just got a phone. anyways, i just wanted to check in and catch up.

i returned from the beach about a week ago, so my posts lately i wrote a while ago and scheduled while i was gone. SO, it feels as if i have not blog in forevs. again, i am losing it and using 6th grade lingo. while i try to return to my normal self, enjoy a few beach photos!

let us start off with the cliche beach scenery posts....

the classic beach shot.

from our room.

blue blue blue.

LOVE this one.

probably the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen. photos do not do it justice.


and now on to dinner the first night....


oh, how i adore a sail boat.

can anyone say "selfayyy"???


now let's take a look at some beach action shots...
ya now... just looking off into the distance and what not.

got that sunhat on.

the only bikini shot you will see from me, friends. hence the fact that is it farrrr away. but, gotta love my bro.


and lastly, some parasailing pictures... (it. was. AMAZING.)
the older bro and myself before.

this was such a great shot. but of course, my computer is making it all smushed and such. but that is us uppp in the air! yay!
and coming back down!
 oh, and cannot forget my beach necessities!

my chipped peach beach nails. (did ya see what i did there?!)

3 little buys right before-- all from the one and only, target.

i hope you guys enjoyed taking a little peak into my short beach vacation! i enjoyed every minute of it and wish i was still there.... oh, to dream. only, to dream.

xo. cate



  1. Looks like you had fun!! I really like the outfit you were wearing on the first picture of you! The pink shirt, lace shorts and cute sandals!! Do you know where you got all that?! Thanks!

    1. top- from a local store (sorry!), but they have plenty of tops like it at francesscas.
      bottoms- urban outfitters
      shoes- dsw shoes
      belt- jcrew on sale ($6 what what!!)

  2. Adorable outfit!! And those pictures are SO cute. :)

  3. beautiful pictures! :D I can't wait to go to the beach! Only 7 more weeks! :D
    I love your nail polish color, too! :D


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