diy: secret book

let's learn how to make a diy secret book! this project is the perfect way to store some of your favorite things in a place no one could imagine. now, you know my secret.
materials: book, glue, exacto knife, paper (optional)
start off with a book. i found a old encyclopedia that is about 2 inches thick. i like the look of an older book, but you could also by a new book if you want. (tip: because this project is so time consuming, i would choose a book no thicker than 3 or 4 inches. you will thank me later!) now, take either regular glue or modge podge and glue the pages together. if you put a heavier book over the one for your project, it will help seal the pages together for a clean cut.

with an exacto knife ( i would suggest a new blade, if already used), start by turning to the first or second page of the book and cutting along the outer sides of the pages. i would start a half inch in or so. also, you will only be able to cut 3 to 5 pages at a time, so this part is very time consuming. i made mine over a week, spending just a few minutes every night weaseling down the pages. 

(possible step:  you can either glue the inside pages together for a cleaner look or even add some fun paper to cover up the inside pages. i simply like the look of the exposed pages, but i know many would not.)
now, fill your little secret department up!

 i put my sunnies, some change, and a cute CATS pin in mine!
thanks for reading this post, friends. this may be one of my favorite diy projects so far! see my other ones here  here and here
xo. cate

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