{from a guest post.}

by the title of the post, one would expect me to talk about food. but NO... as much as i love to chat about pie and cake, this post is more than just that. (:

i am hungry for adventure. i am hungry for beautiful surroundings. i am hungry for travel and new people. i am hungry for more than just my small town, and hungry for everything the world offers. i am hungry for people who see me as more than just someone with cute clothes. because, well, i am more. we all are, are we not?

... anddddd i am also hungry for key lime pie.

                            ... in a small loft in new york city with people i love.

                                                              .... in super comfy anthropologie pajamas.

(a girl can dream right?!) 

what are you 'hungry' for? i would love to know, truly. leave a comment below you guys.

xo. cate

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