the color: mint green

the color: mint green
ha, remember this series? because it has been a while since i posted on my the color series, you can refresh yourself here, here, here, and here. anyways, i love the color, mint. it is so pretty and looks great with every skin tone. also, the wonderful thing about mint is that you can literally find it in everything. this color also reminds me of tiffany blue, which is just one of a million reasons to love it even more.
one: swim top// daisies AND mint. this has to be from heaven.
two: earrings// i recently painted over some of my old f21 earrings in my mint nail polish, and love them even more now.
three: nail polish// a must have. you can either go more blue or green, whatever you prefer.
four: maxi skirt//  go big or go home right? well, this skirt if for sure your answer.
five: flats// these will go with everything, and the cutouts add that something special.
six: sweater// cold day in summer? be bright and warm in a mint sweater.
seven: sunnies// these little guys are adorable and such a fun way to stand out!
so, find your something blue, even if it is not for your big day. i know i have.... maybe too many times.
xo. cate

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  1. I love mint too, it's SO pretty. :)


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